Workshops are organised periodically over the weekends. The length of these workshops may vary from an afternoon to six days depending on the subject matter. 

These workshops are dedicated to specific themes where we employ a hands on approach to demonstrate the various techniques required in achieving a work of art.

The medium veries according to the workshop, for example glass, clay, wood, stone, leather or other fabrics etc. The subject matter also varies according to the workshop, for example, glass fusing, glass painting, ceramics, wood carving, sculpture etc.

We publicise our workshops in our blog and trough our mailing lists. If you would like for your name to be added on our mailing list please feel free to fill in the form in the contact us page and indicate "workshops" in the message field.

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Introductory courses

The introductory courses are aimed at children and they are divided in two categories, clay modelling and general art courses.

C.M.1: Clay modelling 4-8  years

Here children are introduced to clay. By working with clay children develop not only their creativity but most importantly their hand's muscles and micro muscles, thus improving their dexterity. Clay modelling does not only serve as an introduction to sculpture but is also a stepping stone to other plastic arts. Finally, by working three-dimensionally children improve their sense of perspective which will be a great advantage when dealing with other subjects such as drawing and painting.

​A.1: Art 7-9 years

This is a general art course where children are introduced to various media and techniques. Subjects tackled by the course are drawing, painting, composition, graphics and paper plastic.

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Intermediate courses

The intermediate courses are dedicated to furthering the knowledge acquired in previous courses.

C.M.2: Clay modelling 8 - 12 years

Here the children get better acquainted with the material whilst at the same time improving their understanding of shapes and forms. The models become progressively more elaborate.

​A.2: Art 10 -17+ years

In this course we continue building on the knowledge acquired in A.1. Apart from continuing to work on drawing, painting, composition, paper plastic and graphics, we introduce coloristic. 

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Birthday parties

We also cater for birthday parties. The party includes a thematic workshop.  The maximum number of invitees is 15. The invitees must be 5 years and over.

You can choose between a duration of two hours and three hours. The prices are:

10 or more invitees:    for 2 hours EUR 20 per child

                                   for 3 hours EUR 25 per child

less than 10 invitees:  for 2 hours EUR 25 per child

                                    for 3 hours EUR 30 per child

For further details and to inquire about times and dates please fell free to contact us by calling on +352 621 42 15 78 or by sending an e-mail to

What we offer


We at Signe Art Studio offer art courses that:


  • Introduce children to the arts

  • Enhance previous knowledge of the arts

  • Help our clients develop their skills and their creativity

Art is not a way of doing things but an alternative way of seeing and interpreting the world around us. With this in mind we thrive to accompany our clients on a journey that will potentially alter their perception of space and matter.

Art and art lessons
  • Small classes

  • Dedicated teachers

  • ​​Flexibility
  • Thematic workshops
  • ​Assessment exhibitions
  • Birthday parties
  • Languages: EN, DE, LV.

Advanced courses

The advanced courses provide an in-depth study of the chosen subjects.

C.M.3: Clay modelling adults & young people 12+ years

Here we work on more complex forms with particular attention to proportions and detail.

​D.: Drawing adults & young people 12+ years

Academical drawing. 

P.: Painting adults & young people 12+ years

Academical painting.

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