Art and art lessons

Call for artist interested in giving workshops

Expires on 1 April 2023

As from September 2019 we offer artists or craftsman the space and the facilities for giving workshops. The premises are situated in Nennig Germany and they are made available for a minimal fee. We will also be advertising the events.

Terms and Conditions

Interested persons must manifest themselves before the end of June 2023. The earlier the project is submitted the earlier it can be accepted and advertised. Interested persons should provide: - a detailed description of the workshop indicating the age group/s, the duration, - the language or languages in which the workshop is to be given - the minimum and maximum number of persons - the fee they wish to charge per person. - family or group discounts, if any - the preferred date or dates. The workshop giver is responsible for his clients and must provide all the material required for the workshop. Please submit your project to via e-mail to: